Monday, September 12, 2011

I ran!

Want to hear the good news?  I ran yesterday morning. 

Want to hear even better news?  The 5K is on Saturday.  Okay... maybe not the greatest news, but the sooner it is here to sooner it is over.  I know, I shouldn't be wishing it was over.  But it's stressing me out.  And we all know what happens when stress starts piling up.  Shingles.  (Let's hope I never get that again.)

This week's running plan:
  • run Tuesday night
  • maybe run Wednesday night
  • run Thursday night (also weigh day!)
  • take Friday off
  • 5K on Saturday
Also good news, Sean is thinking about running it on Saturday.  Don't you think he should?  I do.


BeccakBecca said...

Yes! Make him run. Otherwise, you get to call him a wimp. :)

The Lingens said...

Absolutely he should run. Gotta support the WOMAN!

Katie Vanden Busch said...

I am going to Al's after the race...tell him he can go to Al's after the race, too (which actually would mean that you would get to go)!