Friday, September 30, 2011

Bad Kali

I've been bad. 

A bad blogger. 

A bad runner. 

A bad lifestyle changer.

Bad all around.  But.  But!  I am overcoming my bad self by getting back into the swing of things.  I wish I had an excuse for the running hiatus I have taken since the 5K.  I only have me and my laziness to blame.

Weigh day is tomorrow.  I'm not looking forward to it, not going to lie.  I have a feeling it's not going to be good.

Now, the good news.  Today we got our yearly bonuses from work.  I spent a part of mine (okay a very good part of mine) on a new bicycle.  As Sean pointed out when I was hesitant about the cost, I'm making a purchase on a 15 year investment.  I won't need a new bike for a long time.

Isn't it a beauty?  Do you want to see the best part?  I'm really excited about it...

I have a lovely pink bell!  That way instead of feeling awkward when I have to say, "On your left," when I'm passing someone I can just give my bell a little ring-ring.  I've already rang it so many times.

Before taking off and heading for Sleepy Eye, Sean and I are going to go for a little ride around Como Lake.  It will be wonderful.

I have been riding one of Sean's bikes to work and back, but his bike seat was really uncomfortable on my lady parts.  This seat doesn't hurt at all.  Oh, I'm super excited to ride it to work!

Completely unrelated to fitness, Boots went to the vet to get her nails trimmed today.  Sean and I being new kitty parents were unfamiliar with the cat nail clipping technique.  So, we wanted to be shown how.  Getting Boots into the pet carrier was a challenge.  We've learned that we need to shut both bedroom and bath room doors before trying to get her into the pet carrier.  She knows that when she goes in there, it usually doesn't end up very well for her.  Cat treats work wonderfully when trying to lure her out from under the bed.

Once at the vet, Boots was terrified and didn't move very much during the nail trimming.  Overall, I think it was a successful time.  Below is a picture taken of her a few days ago.  It's adorable, like usual.

She fell asleep with her yellow toy on top of her.  She must have been tuckered out from playing.  She was kind of waking up when I took this picture.  Her one eye is creepily open a little bit.

Anyway, Sean and I are going to do a little Mario Kart Wii racing.  Have a great night and an even better weekend!

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