Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Only one more run until the 5K, eek!

I ran tonight, woo!

Two things.

iPod not syncing music when I connected it to my iTunes library on Sunday.  (I was being a dumb-dumb and forgot to plug in my hard drive -- which stores the music -- when I was syncing my iPod.)  Therefore, tonight's run was sans music.  Surprisingly, I enjoyed it.

Number two.  I need to start running before 7 p.m.  I run around Como Lake and it was pretty dark when I was heading back home.  Sean even got worried (how cute/good boyfriend) and met up with me on the trail.  Also, I feel like I've ran faster tonight that I ever have.

I do this little counting trick to help pass the time of running and not focus on how badly my lungs want me to stop running. As I'm running, every time my right foot strikes the ground I count 1, 2, 3, etc., to 10.  Then once I get to 10, I start over at 1.  When I find myself getting tired I think, "Okay, one more set of 10."  Then, I usually do a couple more sets of 10.  I enjoy it.  It passes the time and set tiny little goals.

Well, 5K is on Saturday, who's excited?!

Sean running update: he went for a run today and running the 5K is a possibility (I really hope so). 

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The Lingens said...

Please be careful when you run. I am so proud of you. Good luck on Saturday. Please let me know how it goes. ML