Saturday, September 17, 2011

5K, done!

The 5K is over.  And it was harder/easier that I thought it would be.

I know you're wondering how a race can be harder and easier at the same time.  Well, I'll tell you.  First, here's what the route looked like.

It was cold this morning.  Sean, Katie, her husband Lee, and her brother Jason and I lined up at the front of the start line.  It was intimidating looking back and seeing nothing but people.  Once the air horn sounded all you could hear was feet striking the cobblestones.  It sounded kind of cool.  Jason, Katie, and Sean took off in front of Lee and I.  Lee and I had planned on running slow together.  We were okay with walking during the 5K.

Lee ended up running ahead about half a mile into it.  I was alright with it because for some reason, I really enjoy running alone.  Finally all of the faster runners passed me.  I was within a group of people who would run for a while, walk, and then run.  I was basically playing leap frog with some other girl because she would pass me and start walking and I would run past her and start walking.  It was entertaining.

I really liked the random people that would be cheering on the 5K participants -- the ladies and dog on a balcony, the police officers that were blocking off roads, and the other walkers and runners in the parks on the course.

I finally got to the Stone Arch Bridge and ran most of it.  Nearing the end of the bridge, I saw Sean.  Everyone else was already done and it was great to have Sean and Katie run to the finish line with me, even if Katie was cracking jokes.  Once I crossed the finish line, my lungs felt like they were going to die.  Katie then proceeded to tell me a funny story about what happened to her when she crossed the finish line.  I'll let her explain that one on her blog.  It's too personal for me to say it.

I finished the 5K in a little less than 46 minutes.  That is a rough estimation.  I should have been running the stopwatch on my iPod for a more exact time.  Oh well, next 5K I will.  

I am really appreciative of all of the support I've been given by the other four 5Kers, as well as everyone who gave me well wishes.  

I never thought I would finish a 5K.  I did and I'm super proud of myself. 


Katie Vanden Busch said...

Dear Kali,

You freakin' rule!

Love, Katie :)

Kali Lingen said...

Dear Katie,

You freaking rule as well!

Love, Kali

BeccakBecca said...

Congrats! Was there anyone taking pictures along the route? That would be one to save!

Also, I'm thinking Arizona Christmas Family 5k. A new tradition!

Kali Lingen said...

Sean said he's never running a 5K again. He kind of hurt his knee yesterday while running. Maybe he can be the photographer for the new tradition?

Also, I'm not sure about pictures. I'm waiting for the radio station to post pictures from the event and see if my group was in any of them.

Anonymous said...

you should be super proud of yourself, sister. it's not an easy task! good work, dude!