Wednesday, August 10, 2011

C25K: W2D4

Today was the first day I was genuinely excited about a run.  That is the first time that has ever happened.  I feel great about that excitement alone.

And I'm even happier about the run.  I ran it all and I felt great.  My favorite time to workout it about 8 o'clock because a) I don't have to get up 45 minutes earlier b) it's generally cool and nice out and c) there's more people around and about so it's not so eerily quiet.

Now, it's time to bring a fan back to Target that Sean and I bought earlier this evening.  The fan already broke.  A blade totally broke off and made a scary, loud sound as the other two medal blades were chopping at the broken one.  Then, an allergy pill and I'm off to sleep.  

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Katie Vanden Busch said...

Way to go, Kal! Super proud of and happy for you!