Monday, August 8, 2011

C25K: W2D3

Tonight's run went a lot better than Saturday.  A lot better. 

I really did not want to go and run tonight.  I knew it was going to be nice out today so I wanted to sleep in this morning.  I'm glad Sean made me get out there and run tonight though.  Thanks boyfriend.

Although the run went nicely, it started out a little rocky.  The first couple runs were slow going and I was pretty winded.  But, then I seemed to get my second wind or something.  To make up for the slacking on the first two runs I ran a few blocks more at the end of it when I was supposed to be walking the cool down. 

I'm happy about my progress so far.  I really feel like I'm getting better at this and maybe, just maybe, it's getting slightly easier.  On Wednesday, I'm going to do another week 2 workout.  I haven't felt like I've really nailed the workout yet, so I want Wednesday to be that day.  Then, I'll move on to week 3. 

Have a good night!

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