Monday, August 8, 2011

Last week's calories

Every Monday I'm planning on posting a screenshot of what my weekly caloric intake is.  I previously discussed the Lose It! app on my iPod and tracking my caloric intake.  (Also, the program is available online, not just as an app.)  Lose It! sets up a program for you where you enter your weight, height, and select male or female.  Then it asks if you are doing weight loss, maintenance, etc.  If you select weight loss it ask you for a goal weight and how many pounds per week you would like to lose.  The maximum is two pounds per week you can set the app to lose.  Then, it calculates the maximum number of calories that should be consumed. 

My maximum is 1,958.  I generally consume 1,300 to 1,700 per day.  Below is a picture showing the number of calories I took in last week.

It also shows how many calories under or over I am for my weekly allotment of calories.  As you can see, I was 2,561 calories under my calorie maximum. 

Lose It! also allows you to enter in the amount of exercise done and how that configures into your calorie intake.  I haven't been adding my exercise simply because once an exercise is entered for the day it adds more calories available to consume.  I don't want to take in more calories that I burned, so for now, I have not been inputting exercises. 

By the way, the Lose It! exclamation point is bothering me.  I think I'm going to quit putting in the dumb exclamation point (!) and hope you know what I'm talking about.  Okay?  Good.  Good talk. 

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