Monday, August 1, 2011

Pampered Chef schtuff.

As most of you already know, I had a Pampered Chef party at the beginning of July.  Below is a picture of all the loot I got for (mostly) free.

The benefits of hosting a party is pretty evident, you could get a table full of stuff!

I know, I got a lot of spatulas and spoons, but in my defense we needed new spatulas.  Listed are the things I got:
  • splatter screen
  • 1 and 2 quart microwave bowl
  • measure-all cup
  • 1 cup prep bowl set
  • manual food processor (which I LOVE)
  • food chopper
  • liquid measuring cups
  • dry measuring cups
  • measuring spoons
  • bread knife
  • 2 quart collapsible bowl
  • handy scraper
  • garlic press
  • large and medium scoops
  • bamboo spatulas
  • mega scraper, master scraper, micro scraper (red spatulas)
  • bamboo spoons
  • 5 piece spatula set
I've been making fresh salsa with the manual food processor which Sean and I have really enjoyed.  I haven't used my food chopper yet, but I'm excited to do so.

This isn't related to anything in particular, but I was transferring pictures from my camera to my computer this evening.  My parents, Sean, and I toured the Summit Brewery in the end of June.  This is a picture of my parents which I think describes them perfectly.

My mom looking normal and smiley and my dad smirking about something -- two of the best people I know.
Tonight I did some Wii Fit ab strength training exercises, but my lower back has been hurting all day and doing the ab exercises was just making the pain worse, so I decided to stop.  Tomorrow, I'm getting up to do the Couch to 5K: Week 1 Day 3 workout.  I'm getting up at 5:45 to workout before work when it's not insanely hot out.  Also, today was weigh day.  I weigh myself on Wii Fit tonight and it keeps track of my weight and BMI.  I haven't decided about posting the weight yet, still thinking it over.  Good news though, I'm down 3 pounds from when I weighed myself on Friday.  That is even after a big dinner tonight.  What did YOU do today?

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